Toyota 4.5td ECO flash tune

A large proportion of our resources have been pointing at Toyota recently, ready to meet the growing need for clients wanting to increase drivability an economy out of their Land Cruiser 4.5 TD.

In a global first, our engineers have managed to utilise our new OBD Flash Tuning tool, RDT-Shift, and RDT-Shift-Plus, to bring economy tuning to Toyota models.

Dyno gains are not what this is about, although a healthy enough 20 hp at the engine is what we’ve been seeing along with round 50nm.  This is purely economy tuning, focusing on drivability, faster smoother shifting from the gearbox, and saving you fuel.

We’re anticipating 10% fuel savings, on your average journey but results are awaited.
The tool is hyper-fast 64 bit architecture and will tune the gearbox and engine in 30 seconds flat.

 If you’re after a world-first flash tune on your Toyota then now you know the name behind the industry first.  RD Technik.

Also due for release is D4D 3.0 along with all Toyota petrol models.

If you have a Toyota then there’s only one answer for your tuning requirements.  Exhausts, tuning modules, flash tuning, transmission tuning.  All ready to go!