AP Tuning First! RD Technik

In a global first, RD Technik products show off their tuning capabilities this week for full transmission PDK map, and full ECU map on the ‘untunable’ Porsche 981 series Boxster/Cayman range. Delivering a healthy 20-25 hp across the rev range and doubling the shift speed, a package which totally transforms the driving experience and enhances an already astonishing package into a better version of itself. Faster, more responsive, more decisive. Is it possible to deliver a product to enhance the new range of ‘untunable’ Porsche models? With RD Technik it is. And it’s via the OBD port, in seconds. For all Porsche NA models, new and old. Available through AP Tuning to order right now.


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  1. G’day bloke you have been recommended to me for a DD25 ecm upgrade currently getting 1.7km a litre I would like more fuel savings Dave. 0402643112

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