AP Tuning and its associated dealers possess an in-depth understanding of the requirements of large scale agricultural machinery. Offering a specific tune over a generic one ensures maximum fuel savings, efficiency and increased productivity. By working with the customer in order to ascertain the demands of the job, AP Tuning can maximize both power and torque, creating a fully optimised piece of machinery with significant savings through increased fuel efficiency. In short, a customised re-map will enable enhanced torque for pulling up steep inclines, greater power to tow heavy loads and a noticeable decline in fuel consumption, inherently saving you more.

Servicing a wide range of leading brands, AP Tuning offers Australian time programmers ensuring limited downtime and maximised productivity. Specialised dealers service large portions of the country enabling any work to be conducted onsite and any troubleshooting to be undertaken immediately – the direct benefit of a locally based programming service reliant on itself, not the costly and time heavy UK or U.S. based programmers.

Considering re-mapping on your equipment delivers the potential for greater savings across the purchase price of the machine. With realistic and achievable power gains the potential exists to downgrade to a smaller piece of machinery and have it custom tuned and calibrated to suit the demands of the job.