1D v’s 3D tuning options, the facts!

We had had many questions about multi-channel tuning options compared to single channel options or 1D v’s 3D tuning.

In basic terms, no matter how clever a single channel option appears to be on sales literature, the simple fact is, it’s still only affecting one thing.

Can this give results ? Sure of course it can – But there can be many short falls. To list a few, exhaust gas temps can increase to unsafe levels, DPF’s on Diesels can, and do, become blocked or have a reduced life span due to increased soot levels, and too much stress can be put on your injector system. There are some very cheap options which come down to putting resistance on the fuel rail signal for example – this then tricks the ecu into cranking up the rail pressure to compensate and therefor more power is achieved. More fuel = more power. You can find those sorts of single channel devices on ebay for next to nothing, or if you’re tech savvy can go and make one yourself for about $10.

The more sophisticated single channel units can even be ‘tuned’ to give more or less fuel, some even increase rail or duration of pulse when fuelling. Sounds great doesn’t it ?! Again – it’s just fuel. Nothing more. There is infinitely better to be had, when looking to tune your vehicle.

Multi channel piggy back modules provide for multi dimensional mapping (and ours are custom tuneable), with such signals as direct Boost, direct Fuel, Cam sensor, throttle position, and others depending on the application and vehicle. Having controllable access to all these signals means not only can we adjust the fuel right across the rev range, but also boost all over and at any point in the rev range. More sensor access means more dimensions we can bring into the equation mean even greater control all over the rev range.

Next step is a full remap, or Flash Tune but not all remaps are the same. It doesn’t just come down to who’s writing your coding – software plays an equally important role to play. Many tuners are using the large company generic software suites which often have limited map drivers and therefore your remap is limited in its abilities. Using a number of software suites as we do, means we always have the best access to your ECU coding file and then write the best file we can to meet your requirements.

Either way will certainly give results, and if done properly then a remap will always outperform any tuning module, (especially single channel). Economy, drivability, smoothness, power and economy will all be superior on a remap, and the better the remap, and the better access to the coding (map locations) then the better the results again.

It’s hard to explain without going into the technical side in too much detail but where one flash tune might access a limited number of maps, say boost, fuel, load limiters – other with more sophisticated knowledge and/or software variants can write an infinitely better file.

Next time you ask your tuner what the output is they give, please bear in mind there are many different ways of extracting power. Some safe, some not, some very sophisticated, some not.

We also use ‘requested’ values when tuning an ECU, and all safety factors remain so if you ever suffer a hardware issue then your car will retard and/or go into limp mode and protect itself in exactly the same way as when it was stock.

We at AP Tuning, using RD Technik products, always provide you safe, reliable powerful remapping solutions accessing the most data we can on your ecu and tirelessly working to improve it at every opportunity.

We give the best results, safely. Not just trying to win dyno games by pushing fuelling and/or boost levels to unsafe levels. We can win by far better methods…